Church of England Primary School

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The Staff Team

Headteacher: Miss J Heath


Senior Teacher: Miss N Hyams


SENCO: Mrs L Humphreys


Year R Class Teachers: Mrs H Clark and Mrs L Humphreys

Year R Teaching Assistants: Mrs K Day and Mrs K Harvey


Year 1/2 Class Teacher: Miss N Hyams

Year 1/2 Teaching Assistants: Mrs L Lovell


Year 3/4 Class Teacher: Mr H Coombes

Year 3/4 Teaching Assistants: Mrs M Barros and Mr D Massey


Year 5/6 Class Teacher: Mr R Bassett

Year 5/6 Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Bronger

Office Manager: Miss S Baillie

Administrative Assistant: Mrs K Jacobs


Site Manager: Mr C Jacobs


Breakfast & After School Club in 'Beehive'

Mrs K Jacobs

Mr D Massey


Lunchtime Support Staff:

Mrs J Phillips

Mrs M Whiskin



Mrs K Jacobs

Mr K Goodhew